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The aim of our Stand Up Paddling & Adventure Packages is to offer you ‘just enough’ in the way of fixed-schedule, instruction and guiding, to leave plenty of time for yoga classes, massages, lounging by the pool, and more. We realize every family and group has different aims while on vacation, so we are happy to offer options and modify your package to best meet your needs.

SUP Experience Package

Nosara is an incredibly dynamic area for stand up paddling and SUP surfing. There are several flat water routes for distance paddling, and a variety out of the way surf breaks in the area to choose from. The conditions of the weather, tides, and ocean, are always changing, so we do not offer a set itinerary for paddling. Instead, we plan for the day ahead based on an up-to-date assessment of the elements, and the skill level of our guests.


The SUP Experience Package is a great way to include stand up paddling as part of your time in Nosara. The standard package includes 4 SUP sessions, each with 1.5 – 2 hours of water time. Alternatively, sessions can be designed to focus on aspects of stand up paddling such as SUP surfing, fitness, paddling technique and more.

Session 1: Paddle Technique, SUP Basics, Ocean Safety and Awareness, Ocean cruise
Session 2: SUP & Fitness – Ocean tour w/ beach exercise
Session 3: Downwind Paddle, mid day
Session 4: SUP Surf – try for waves

If anything is certain, you will get to know this beautiful stretch of coastline like few others before you. Boards, paddles, refreshments and transport to each paddling destination are all included as well.

SUP Mangrove Tour

Stand up paddle the serene waters of the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara, weaving your way through mangrove tunnels and birdsong to a hidden trail that leads out to Playa Nosara. This is a stand up paddling adventure that will (peacefully) blow your mind. Best of all – it’s accessible to everyone and we’ll do all we can to make sure you have a successful experience in the water.

We have stand up paddle boards and paddles of all sizes and shapes to accommodate everyone from the introductory flat-water paddler to the expert paddle surfer. Furthermore, we keep very small groups to ensure that we can meet the needs of each individual in those groups. Discover why stand up paddling has quickly become the most compelling trend in water adventures… it’s like walking on water.


SUP Ocean & Tour

Paddle around Garza’s northern headland to the fabled Isla Rosada, visit the tucked away “Coco” beach, explore the outer reefs of south Guiones or cruise the Garza bay. Depending on local conditions your ocean paddling experience will be crafted to you and your groups’ skill level. During the trip you’ll increase your ocean knowledge and experience its dynamic waters enhancing your stand up paddling skills and confidence.

Important to note – this tour depends on ocean conditions and safety is our primary concern.

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